Discover our experiments, our search for materials, and our rediscovery of ancient techniques

Ceramica a colombino - fatto a mano


Unique pieces in ceramic - the perfect material for the creative flair of Nino Basso, who  reflects the emotion of what surrounds him through suggestive unique shapes.

He models completely by hand and without the aid of moulds or mechanical equipments. Using the ancient "colombino" technique, he skilfully combines enamel and graffito embellishments, reflective oxides and matt surfaces, smooth and relief textures.

Ancient traditional procedures that meet  contemporary artistic expressions, a thread of continuity that  links the ancient  to the present day.

Vaso Scultura ceramica raku - pezzo unico - Made in Italy

Raku AND  NAKED Raku

In the beginning tea, objects and gestures were used in the tea ritual. 

It was never casual, but careful to respect the rigors and symbols of a  discipline of life: Zen .

Thus in 17th century Japan, the philosophy snd aesthetics of Raku pottery was born.


Even today Raku is one of the most fascinating methods of making ceramics. 

Taking the classic traditional Japanese process and innovating it with surprising creative and stylistic contribution, our collection of  Sculpture vases - Unique pieces  research and interest in modern design combined with texture, enamel, engraving, smoothness, and relief. 

Vasi scultura in porcellana paperclay - handmade

Porcelain- paperclay

In the  search for new ceramic techniques, paperclay has widened the horizon of creativity to new expressive possibilities.
Paperclay  is a  processing technique  made of  clay - we use  Porcelain -  and a small percentage of cellulose fibers  also  docile to processing, light and resistant after firing. 


The particular shade of white, the texture that accentuates the contrast between purity and roughness, the unknown reaction to fire that freely adds deep or barely accentuated handles, are the components that bind the vases of our collection of unique pieces: Paesaggio sotto la luna - Landscape under the moon .

set lente tagliacarte in pelle galuchat shagreen

Galuchat, (shagreen) a mYsterious MATERIAL

What makes an object covered in galuchat leather so special is the refinement of its opalescent surface composed of a myriad of granules that look like beads. 

Galuchat come  from the name of the French casing maker Monsieur Galluchat, who in the 18th century, lusting after  luxury and solemnity, invented a very complex technique for the processing of this fascinating leather that collects very different species of fish such as Dasyatis Sephen breed,  the dogfish, the Requine de Chine etc. 

Coloured in shades of white, brown, green, blue, pink, and grey, the galuchat was combined with gold, silver, diamonds, to cover small accessories such as watches, perfume bottles, trousseaus for drawing and travel, scientific instruments. 


It reached the peak of its splendour between 1920 and 1940, perfect for furnishing furniture and art objects in Art Decò style, combined with precious essences of palm, macassar ebony, rosewood, mother-of-pearl, ivory and semi-precious stones. 


There are no manuals on galuchat processing methods. After patient research and tests in the 90s we at  Design Center 1991  recovered many secrets of working this fascinating leather that decorates our line of exclusive Galucharme accessories. 


Today, also fashion and design  exalt once again  with genius and virtuosity the deciorative  resources of this material, which remain unchallenged, the strangest, most ignored and mysterious.

Scultura da tavolo  mosaico contemporaneo  - Friuli - Spilimbergo città del mosaico


Ornamental technique that has fascinated and impressed man  for thousands of years.

The heart of its aesthetic originality and its specific expressive  power is the mosaic tessera  with its colours, shape, size, cut and irregular setting:  from the  ancient splendour of Romans floors to the Byzantine figurative mosaics, up to the contaminations in our  century that have made it the ideal vehicle  to develop eccentric ideas of recent architectural design and collections of contemporary objects.

In our  modern mosaic creations, materials and style  blend into unique  works and small series conceived as "unicum", specially created forms enclose a mosaic emblem - pure, bright, contrasting colours, loaded with shadows and lights, in a play of  voids and solids, far from being a mere mechanical execution deeply affect the expressive nature of the work. 

Set lente tagliacarte  con ammoniti autentiche - fossili


The Fossil Stones and  Shells of the Nautiloids and  Goniatities of Sahara, bring back forms of life that  existed millions of years ago and have been  preserved through time.

Their astonishing  natural forms and alluring chromatic effects  render  each  article in our  Fossiline collection both unique and unrepeatable.
Fossiline  is our  precious and exclusive collection of desk and furnishing  accessories that combines modern design  with the historical  particularity of the materials. 

Décor Accessories made with scrupulous stylistic research to keep  these testimonies of thousands of years ago  intact in shape and natural colours. The bookends with  Manticoceras, the  shells of the Goniatites family of the Sahara - 350 million years old; 
The Nautilo clock with the rock scattered with Orthoceras shells
of the Nautiloids family - 360 milion years old,  and again the Ammonites of Morocco, and the  Pleuroceras shells with Germanic rocks,...

Set scrivania - accessori scrivania - radica - lavorazioni artigianali

precious woods

Warm golden colours such as elm root and olive elm, more burnished such as  vavona and madrona  roots, thuja, macassar walnut, cocobolo and mahogany  - or even brillant ones such as bois de rose, or heather root (sometimes combined with ebony) ,

all of which are precious woods that  enhance with the brighness of the veins and  the handcrafted workmanship of solid trunks,the design and value of our exclusive collection  Essenze: timeless  elegant desk accessories.



From  the sophisticated and  ancient lacquering technique to the modern reinterpretation, to the search for more  and more extraordinary and fascinating results. 

Shapes with an essential  and minimalist  design, smooth lacquered surfaces or geometrical relief, bright and  bright colours  synthetize the style  of our exclusive  Le Lacche collection. 


Clocks and  desk accessories in a palette of  varied and mottled colours, from ruby red, to jade green, golden havana, black, coral, nickel-gold contrasts and more.


The  collection is  further  enhanced by the  variants "Incontri d'argento 1" and "Incontri d'argento 2" with  silver details.